Dog Classic Knit Sweater

  • $12.95


A favorite classic design that your dog will love to wear over and over.

  • Made out of Wool Type Material
  • Classic Design

Size    Back                Neck                  Bust 

XS     5.91"/15CM     7.87"/20CM   10.24"/26CM   For pets 2-3kg 
S      7.09"/18CM      9.45"/24CM   11.81"/30CM   For pets 2-3kg   
M      9.06"/23CM    11.02"/28CM   13.39"/34CM   For pets 4kg 
L      11.02"/28CM    12.60"/32CM   16.54"/42CM   For pets 6kg
XL    12.99"/33CM    14.96"/38CM   18.11"/46CM   For pets 9kg 
XXL    14.96"/38CM  16.54"/42CM   20.47"/52CM   For pets 12kg


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